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The Resort

We are in Xai Xai, Mozambique.   The Resort is close to the beach with clean sand along warm tropical crystal clear waters and hot weather all year round.


The massive reef running parallel to the beach provides natural protection against the strong waves at high tide and forms several small pools at lowtide, perfect for snorkelling and diving. Deep-sea fishing is excellent at Xai Xai and shore fishing is good at certain times of the year, especially from May to July, which is Kingfish time.


Affordable meals can be enjoyed at the Restaurant, which  also has a TV with DSTV.  The Restaurant has a full bar and also delivers take-aways to the houses.


Our camping area are located behind a row of bushes 30m from the beach!

There are 10 self-catering houses in the resort.  All with  awesome sea views.  The houses are fully equipped and have electricity.   Units are fully serviced and the house assistants can clean your fish, crayfish and prawns as well.   Beds per unit range from two bedroom to 5 bedrooms per house.    


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